Water Treatment Systems - Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

Now a days the fresh water is become very precious and declining water resources make water a valuable resource for any manufacturing process. To prevent the Nature’s gift of fresh water from pollutants, it is mandatory to install Zero Liquid Discharge systems in every manufacturing units to maximum water recycle and reuse.

Our ZLD systems are combined with waste water treatment technologies including effluent collection, biological water treatment, Micro Filtration followed by Reverse Osmosis technology for removal inorganic matters from any type of industrial waste water. These Systems recycle the waste streams such as :

  • Boiler Blow Down
  • RO Reject
  • DM Plant & Softening plant Regeneration Waste
  • Cooling Tower Blow Down
  • Waste water from Filters during backwash
  • Waste waters from process and utility equipments

Our Zero Liquid Discharge Systems are fully integrated automated system with / without incorporation of mechanical evaporators and De watering equipments. By installing effective ZLD systems, we can recover 96 to 99% of waste water as pure water as distillate with TDS of Less than 100 to 200 mg/litre and the same water can be used for cooling tower and Boiler feed make up water.

As proven, the ZLD reduces fresh water supply costs which is highly beneficial to the industries , purchasing fresh water for their entire applications.