Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals for Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems:

Ecowatech Private Limited offers a complete treatment solution for fresh water and waste water management to optimize the performances of treatment systems. Our Speciality Chemicals are eco-friendly and suits to the applications in water treatment, sewage treatment and effluent treatment.

Ultra Filtration Systems:

  • Organic Cleaner
  • Disinfectant

Reverse Osmosis Systems:

  • Antiscalant
  • Antifoulant
  • Antioxidant

Raw Water Pre Treatment Systems:

  • Coagulant
  • Flocculant
  • Antioxidants
  • Disinfectants

Effluent Treatment Systems:

  • Bio Flocculant
  • Bio Nutrients
  • Defoamers
  • Polyelectrolytes

Sewage Treatment Systems:

  • Biocultures
  • Bionutrients
  • MLSS Settlers

Ecowatech Private Limited membrane cleaners are highly effective to avoid scaling of salts and organic matters, keep them in dispersed condition. It removes Organic and Microbiological matters in the UF membrane surfaces effectively and thus, the performances of UF membranes enhanced in terms of quality and quantity. The dosage depends on the intensity of scaling and cleaning has to be done once in a month.

Ecowatech Private Limited RO antiscalants inhibit the scale formation in the RO membrane due to chemical reaction between dissolved silica with Calcium, Barium and Strontium. These antiscalants are membrane friendly and works on sequestration and crystal distortion principle. The dosage level purely depends on the type of membrane and also on system operating data. The dosage generally varies from 3 to 6ppm according to variance of Silica presence in the feed water.

Ecowatech Private Limited Raw water treatment chemicals remove the unwanted particles (Pollutants) from raw water and helps in meeting the required standards.  The recommended chemicals includes Coagulants (organic and inorganic), Flocculants (Anionic and Cationic), Anti-oxidants, Disinfectants, De-colouring Agents etc..

Ecowatech Private Limited Sewage / Effluent Treatment chemicals improves the performances of the system with substantial reduction in the operating cost  and are highly effective in reducing the BOD and suspended solids,. The suggested chemicals include Bio Cultures, Poly Electrolytes, Bio Nutrients, Bio Polymers, Bio Sludge De-watering aid.