Water Treatment Systems - Reverse Osmosis Systems

Now a days, The Membrane based water purification systems are become very popular water treatment technology in every industry to separate dissolved solids from water. When a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution, water flows from the concentrated to the dilute solution side. The flow of water through a semi-permeable membrane from the more concentrated solution in to the dilute solution is called “Reverse Osmosis”.

Ecowatech Private Limited offers maximum flexibility to meet diverse requirements in Reverse Osmosis Technology. Our customized software helps customers to gain the maximum advantage in RO system, by helping to make the right selection. It considers the inlet water quality and capacity requirements and offers the optimized combination.

The success of Reverse Osmosis technology is purely due to its economics of its operation and simplicity. While comparing with other technologies, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase, install & operate at less operating cost and there is no need of any hazardous acid and alkali chemicals.

The entire RO Systems dependent on different flux rates, pump models, membrane types and inlet water quality. It gives the right solutions, reduced running cost and optimized capital expenditure.

Ecowatech Private Limited offers a variety of Reverse Osmosis based purification plants for various applications. These systems are ensuring maximum recovery, less operating cost, long reliability and optimized performance consistently.