Water Treatment Systems - Demineralization Systems

A Demineralizer Plant (DM Plant) or Deionization Plant (DI Plant) incorporates the principles of ion exchange to produce mineral free water. D M Plant consists of one or more ion exchange resin columns, which include a strong acid cation unit and a strong base anion unit with addition of Degasser for removal of Bi Carbonic Acid from De Cationized water. The Strongly Acidic Cation Resin exchanges hydrogen ions with cations presence in raw water and Strongly Basic Anion Resin exchanges hydroxyl ions with anions in the De Cationized water. Demineralization is the process by which total dissolved solids present in water are removed to attain Zero Ions effectively.

High purity water can be produced for specific process applications for Distilleries, Power Plant Boiler Feed and beverages with incorporation of mixed bed system. Demineralized water finds wide application in the fields of steam, power, process and cooling.

The standard packaged Demineralization Plant for maximum advantage it is necessary that the demineralization plant be designed accurately based on input parameters and capacity requirements to offer optimal and cost-effective solutions.

Ecowatech Private Limited has excellent expertise to offer manual / Semi Auto / Auto mode operated DM Plants with MSRL and FRP Pressure Vessels to ensure to obtain committed quality and quantity with user friendly operations.