About Us

Ecowatech Private Limited formed in 2008, focusing water and waste water treatment needs not only for the end customers and also catering OEM Market too. We have more than 200 installations across South India of different kinds, are designed and integrated by us.

We use our wide range of processes with an integrated approach to deliver total solutions for every market - household, institutional, commercial and industrial in South India. Our Comprehensive and personalized approach driving us to meet customer needs totally, offering end benefit conveniently and economically, with single point responsibility.

Above all, commitment to customer care, that goes far beyond the sale of the equipment. Technical service support in time is a key factor for our business growth, by resolving the customers’ needs and meeting and exceeding the customer expectations at all times.

We have sufficient expertise in Pretreatment, process water/liquid treatment, and waste water treatment, water recycle and product recovery using various physical-chemical processes for settling, clarification, filtration, and disinfecton, membrane and ion exchange technology for effective liquid – Solid Separation technique.

Key Factors of our Value Creation

  • Strategic concept-to-completion guidance and consultancy
  • Single point responsibility enabling greater customer focus on core business
  • Superior price performance ratios and production efficiencies
  • Lower cost and effective use of capital employed
  • Assured supply and quality of water
  • Creative ownership options
  • Environmentally responsive solutions

Our Vision

Our aim to become eco-friendly, preferred business associate to our customers in water and waste water management, by developing sustainable, innovative cost effective methods consistently with timely support in all aspects.

Our Mission

We work with our clients empathetically to attain superior water management solutions by providing reliable technical support and personalized service to various industries at all times, ensuring the improvement in quality and meeting the commitment towards green environment.

Our Values

  • Integrity - towards Society & Environment with our right deeds.
  • Customers - by looking long term business association with ethical behavior.
  • Employees - a Trusted source for timely action and performance towards the set goals with effective , dedicated team work
  • Quality - a vital thing, by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations consistently at par on quality in every deliverables.
  • Sustainability - to enhance the Business and living standards by introducing new products, services and technologies and minimizing the wastages to the customers with benefits in cost economics.